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Posted by on Feb 12, 2013 in Cards | 42 comments

How to Write the Perfect Valentine’s Day Message

Learn How to Write the Perfect Valentine’s Day Message with our special guest Rose Gordon. As a historical romance author, Rose knows the importance of words and today she is going to share some tips on How to Write the Perfect Valentine’s Day Message.  Whoever you are writing your message for these tips will help you get your juices flowing. I am honoured that Rose accepted our invitation and know that you will enjoy this special treat from a USA Today bestselling author writer.  Make sure to read this post all the way to the end. We have a special gift  for YOU!


Valentine’s Day is the ultimate holiday for showing your love and affection, but expressing your true feelings can be daunting.  By now you have made the perfect card for that someone special, but do you know how to write the perfect Valentine’s Day message? With the exception of young children who always know just what to say and hold nothing back, we’ve all experienced this dilemma.  Whether you are a newlywed, have been married for a long time, or just starting a new relationship we have you covered.  Rose’s How to Write the Perfect Valentine’s Day Message  tips will help you feel more confident and less stressful as you put the final touches on your Valentine’s Day preparations.


Five Tips on How to Write the Perfect Valentine’s Day Message

1. Write Quick, Simple, and Witty Messages. Keep in mind that when you write a message to a man they’d rather read what you write in a matter of seconds then get to the gift. Ladies, however, prefer the long, heartwarming messages where you go into detail of what she means to you. Also, men are also less likely to keep the cards (even if you spent hours making it). This isn’t to say you shouldn’t make the effort, you should. But when it comes time to write your message, the simpler the better.

2. Plan It.  I’m the absolute worst about this. I’ll get the card, open it, and my mind goes blank. Then after I stare at it for fifteen minutes, a “brilliant” idea pops into my head. The trouble is, sometimes your hand cannot keep up with your mind and when you start writing really fast to keep up, it can end up looking messy or worded incorrectly, taking all the meaning right out of it. I’d suggest writing out your message on a plain piece of paper or even typing it out (where a delete key exists) then copying it.

3. Know Your Audience.  My husband and I are big-time Scrabble players. We don’t consider it a good game unless we can both break 300 and we spend half the game unable to play words longer than two or three letters—we keep the board locked up pretty tight. So to say that we like puns and plays on words is a fair statement. For our anniversary, I got him a pocket watch with an engraving on the front that read: XX-XX-XXXX (our anniversary) to the end of time… Then on the back, it said: “I’ll love you forever, no matter how often we both get ticked!” Is this funny to most? No, probably not, but its “our” thing and he “got” it just like I got how corny it was when he proposed to me using corn kernels and went around declaring to all who asked, that it was the corniest proposal either of us had ever seen. That’s our thing. If your significant other likes plays on words, then brainstorm something clever. If the two of you have an on-going joke between the two of you, personal cards like this are a great way to keep it alive. If you met, married, or know you fell in love on Valentine’s Day, therefore, making it an extremely sentimental day for you, then a sweet sentimental message might be in order. Just remember that you have a different relationship with everyone and your message should reflect THAT relationship.

4. Quick Ideas.  Do you have the curse of the blank page? We’ve all been there. We have the perfect card, but the blinding inside is still staring us in the eyes. It’s okay, not all of us have a glib tongue or always know just what to say. Here are some ideas: think about why you love them and jot down a few reasons, think about things you’ve done together, what you’d like to do in the future, why you fell in love with them, the storms you’ve weathered, the good times. Just think about them and ideas will come far easier.

5. Use Quotes about Love. Whether deep and classic: “Love is a single soul inhabiting two bodies” ~Aristotle or fun, modern and slightly vulgar: “I’ll love you until we’re both old, disgusting, and share everything—including our teeth.” ~Me. Quotes can also say what your words can’t. Be sure to always give proper credit though, otherwise you might be expected to come up with more of these little gems for all occasions or on the spur of the moment.

Folllow these simple steps and you will know How to Write the Perfect Valentine’s Day Message

Valentine’s Day Gift for YOU!

Leave me a comment telling me what you have planned for Valentine’s Day.  I will choose three winners. Each winner will receive a personalized autographed copy of  one of Rose Gordon’s historical romance novels. How exciting is that? Make sure to come back shortly for another announcement.

 CLICK HEREto find out more about Rose Gordon

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  1. Thanks for sharing these wonderful ideas. I think for those of us that have been with our spouses/partners forever, we sometimes forget what to do to make it romantic and magical. Thanks for reminding us.

  2. Thanks for the great ideas. Since I make my own cards, these ideas will help make the insides better. Happy Valentine’s Day!

  3. My dear husband and I are also celebrating our 8th wedding anniversary this week. We went out go a special dinner last Sat. And I enjoy cooking special dinners for us on Valentines Day. We also have a nice bottle of wine and just snuggle and watch tv.
    I Love just being with him!

  4. Making heart sugar cookies for all the people who work for my husband.

  5. Making heart sugar cookies for all the people who work in my husbands office.

  6. Since my husband is traveling, I am celebrating Valentine’s Day with our grandsons. We will have fun playing games, and send pictures to Grandpa!

  7. I so much enjoyed your tips. My plans for tomorrow took a nose dive! My menu has changed 3 times & now i am leaving town after dinner-so much for a romantic evening, I told my husband it was ok-everyday with him is Valentine’s day.

  8. My husband and I recenly closed on a “new to us” home. It was built in the 1950s so we knew there would be some work to do before we can move in. Since we’ve just spent a lot of money I thought it was best to get something thoughtful — a very gushy Valentine’s Day card from Hallmark along with a bag of dark chocolate covered pretzels — one of his famorite snacks.

  9. I am so thankful for your writing tips! That will be a big help – for all my notes, not just on Valentines!

    Reading through what everyone is doing for V-day I have to share something from an elderly couple at my church. They are both in their 90’s and I think married at least 60 years. She told me a couple of years ago they don’t buy each other cards anymore partly ’cause they are so expensive and partly at their age they don’t feel the need. While at the grocery store, they look at the cards, pick one out for each other, share them and show what they chose for each other, then put them back. Too cute! And talk about a way to go green and save a few dollars to boot!

    Happy Valentine’s Day!

  10. Being a single mom I am buying a rose for my two beautiful daughters and taking them out to dinner!

  11. For Valentine’s Day, I plan to get a little “Nothing Bundt Cakes” treat and share it with my DH! Would love to win one of Rose’s books. Thanks for the writing tips… I do find that blank page in front of me kinda scary!

  12. Fun ideas for a love note. Great post. We are going to a local restaurant with 3 other couples for a special valentine’s meal. Sounds like a pretty dressy place – I think we would really rather go to the movies in our jeans, but we’ve committed! <3

  13. Wonderful ideas for writing love notes. I must admit they made me think of the dull ones I’ve sent the last 32 years. Thank you for sharing ways to be creative.

  14. Being single, I like to think of other singles at this time of year. I am sending handmade Valentine cards and chocolate dipped cookies to many friends to boost their day.

  15. I love Rose’s tips. I just want to say that I prefer to have the romance all year and not just for that one day. I would hope that any man who truly loves his woman and any woman who loves her man would be more than willing to employ Rose’s tips every day of the year. I like the little things every day that tells me that I have someone who loves me, and that they are thinking of me and my welfare as much as they are thinking of themselves. Make Valentine’s Day happen every day. <3 🙂

    • Leslie, my husband is what I consider to be an “every day” husband, not a big events husband. We’ve been married eight years now and I think I’ve gotten flowers on two special days (our first anniversary and when our oldest son was born). Gifts and cards are rare, too, but he tells and SHOWS me he loves me every day and that means so much more so I get exactly what your’e saying!

  16. First of all, thank you Monica for highlighting Roses’s tips. And Rose…thanks for inspiration and guidelines, it’s wonderful! Will certainly help me!

    For Valentines Day we’ll go out for a scallop dinner at our favorite local restaurant. He”s been telling me all week that I get a big surprise tomorrow. I can’t imagine…as we usually just do the “chocolate” thing, so I’m kind of excited about that. I’m one of the lucky ones, that every day is a good, “I love you” day with him.

    I’m hoping I can win the book, Rose. Really looking forward to it. Thanks for doing that for us!!
    Happy Valentines Day!!!

    • Thanks, Ret. I hope something helped. As I mentioned one up, my husband is an every day husband, too, and you’re right that makes us very lucky, indeed.

  17. Valentine Day is just another day on the calendar.
    It is far too a commercial holiday. The idea of having a “special day” for your sweetheart just doesn’t make it in my book. Everyday is a special day, to say I love you and you mean the world to me. It is a lifetime of love and commitment that is renewed every day, right after I thank God for a new day.

    • Agreed. It has become very commercialized and there shouldn’t need to be a holiday to say I love you and mean it. At the same time, there are some people out there who have a hard time saying and expressing how they feel for someone and having such a day makes it easier for them because it allows an easy way to approach the other with that awkward word: feelings.

  18. I’m single, so on Valentines day I plan to pig out on chocolate and Chinese food and have a Harry Potter Marathon. Thanks for running this contest!

  19. I wish I could say I am doing something great on Valentines Day . . . I had to take the day off work to deal with a problem child. Once we finish with her appointment, I am hoping to have a nice lunch some where. I then hope to go home to curl up with a good book for a few hours of peace and quiet until my children get home from school. Hopefully dh will cooperate! 😉
    Thanks for the chance to win a good book!

    • Oh no! Wishing you all the best–and be sure to eat somewhere nice!

  20. Our 45th Wedding Anniversary is coming up soon, April 7. We really don’t do too much celebrating anymore, but we will make a nice meal together and spend the evening watching a movie. I would love to win the book. Thanks for the chance!! Also, thanks for the writing tips!! I always need help with that.

    • Thank you for reading them and responding, Deanna. Most of all, congratulations on 45 years. What an awesome accomplishment and inspiration.

  21. Monica and Rose, I just wanted to comment that this was a great post to see on here.

    Eric and I don’t celebrate v-day, or I should say I don’t like to celebrate the day and Eric just has to go along with it. We did celebrate the first year we were married because it was the first “holiday” after we were married in January. We have our Small Group night on Thursdays at our house so I might make a treat for everyone that comes, if anyone comes this week.

    • Just think, if nobody shows up, then the treat is all yours! Thanks for coming by, Sarah.

  22. This year is my husbands turn to plan valentines. So far this week he has given me a gift every day. Monday he gave me $100.00 so I could buy a ticket for my best friend to come to SU Regionals with me as regionals is on my birthday. Today I got a pair of Diamond earrings that I have been eyeing up. (and there is still lots of time left this week) We alway do a surf and turf dinner at home and spend a great evening just the 2 of us playing games and just having fun. Also Every year we make our valentines for each other. I love that my husband takes the time to make my card every year since it is something that I am so passionate about.. It is such a nice touch and makes my day every year.

    Thanks for the grate tips. I will have to think about what to write in my card.

    • A week’s worth of spoiling, topped off by dinner and fun. What could beat that?

  23. Every year I treat the family with filet and lobster tails. For dessert it’s molten lava cakes. The kids especially love the surf & turf. I also decorate the kitchen and mantle to make it festive. At dinner we go around and tell each other the one thing we love most.

    • Molten lava cakes? I’ve never heard of these. I must look them up. I love your dinner table tradition by the way.

  24. Having been married almost 44 years, we have gone through many Valentine’s Day Celebrations.
    As “experienced” sweethearts we have learned what we do is for “us” and doesn’t have to be for show. We have already eaten dinner out and toasted each other. I have been using my ♥ shaped
    cookie cutter to make toast and cut cheese this week and have made an ATC that says I love my hubby [and my computer] but I love him MORE!!!!! A movie together will finish off the week but not on the busiest day. We are smart enough to know we hate long lines and waiting. Works for us!

    • I’ve only been married eight years, but I told my husband we should go out on Friday afternoon instead for that very reason! I love it.

  25. Hi Monica,
    My husband and I will go out to dinner and then come home and have dessert. I have my card made and signed ready to be given!

  26. Well, it’s not all that romantic, but I have a sweet single friend whose birthday is on Valentines Day, so my husband & I take her out every year to dinner. The Outback steakhouse loves to see us coming!

  27. I have no plans. That’s why I need to win this book, so I can just stay home and read!

  28. I have surgery the day after so I have to hang low this year.. my 50th birthday is the 18th.. I will be laid up.. this would be so perfect for me… Hugs… thanks for the writing advice…

  29. i am single so i have no romantic plans. i have swapped work shifts with a collegue so that she can finish early and go spend the afternoon with her boyfriend. once i get home it will be chocolates, tv and reading a good book.

  30. Lisa,

    Chocolate covered strawberries sounds delicious. I think I will have to make some for our Valentine’s Dinner with the kids.


  31. We are having dinner at our friends’ house. I am making the dessert–individual heart-shaped cheesecakes and chocolate covered strawberries.

  32. These are great ideas, especially for those of us who make our own cards. I am by myself so the love messages don’t really apply, but this advice escecially on using quotes is just as great for sympathy cards, where my mind does go blank quite often for fear of saying the wrong thing.

    I will order a pizza and curl up with a good romance on Valentine’s day, as all restaurants are to be avoided on that day as they will be full of celebrating couples! I’d love to win one of these romances!


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