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Posted by on Sep 18, 2014 in Collaborations | 33 comments

Add a Little Dazzle and Stampendous Blog Hop- Day #4

Add a Little Dazzle and Stampendous Blog Hop Day #4.  What an exciting week of an inspiration it has been with the blog hop!  I am amazed by all the exciting projects that have been shared.  I am even more excited to know how much you have been enjoying it.  Join us today for another inspiring day and make sure to come back tomorrow for the GRAND FINALE where all the designers will be showcasing their work. Let’s get started!

Stampendous banner7

Today is Day 4 of the  Add a Little Dazzle and Stampendous Blog Hop!  It has been an amazing week of inspiration and we have seen all kinds of fun projects embracing all different styles of crafting. It has been really amazing to see what everybody comes up with and it has really shown me how much we can really do with stamps, dies, and Add a Little Dazzle Craft Metal Sheets

Today the fun continues with more amazing inspiration using Stampendous products and Add a Little Dazzle Craft Metal Sheets. We have 6 prize packs up for grabs. All you need to do is leave a comment at each blog. Then, each company will choose 3 winners and we will each announce them on our blog. How fun!!!

tumbler day 1More Traditions

Yesterday I shared with you about my life as a child growing up in a Colombian home. The one thing I didn’t mention was that I grew up in Miami. If you are familiar with Miami, you know that there are an array of cultures there and one very predominant one is the cuban culture.

As a child growing up in Miami, not only did I embrace my own culture but I learned a lot about the cuban cuisine. It became a staple food in our home.  We enjoyed lechon, arroz con frijoles negros, maduros, to name a few.

One thing that I learned to enjoy as a teenager was Cuban Coffee. That was something you always had after each meal and in the morning with some fresh cuban bread from the panaderia.  When I left home, I made sure I took a “cafetera” with me so I could make my own cuban coffee and wherever I lived my friends learned to enjoy Cuban Coffee. I had friends in Alabama hooked on it. 🙂


tumbler closeupMy Mother’s Fault

When I got married, I had not introduced my husband to Cuban Coffee.  The first time my mom came over, she brought over her “cafetera” and Cuban Coffee and made some for my husband.  That was the beginning of my husband’s addiction. He immediately fell in love with Cuban Coffee and had my mom teach him how to make it. He even learned how to make the foam.  

Next thing you know my husband was looking for Cuban Coffee in Arizona and when he couldn’t find it her ordered a case online.  Yes, now we had a case of Cuban Coffee in our house and the addiction began and continues in our home.  Every morning we make Cuban Coffee and when we have friends over they ask for it.  We even order some extra “cafeteras” Cuban Coffee Makers and give them as gifts with Cuban Coffee during the holidays to our now addicted friends.

So my husband got me addicted to pumpkin and my mother got him addicted to Cuban Coffee and so today we are going to try to make a Pumpkin Butter Latte. Yes, we are going to use the Pumpkin Butter I made and his Cuban Coffee and we are going to make a Pumpkin Butter Latte.

cuban coffeeCoffee Lover

We are coffee lovers and tea lovers in this house. Since we love to gift these during the holidays, I thought it would be perfect to include a handmade metal embossed Stainless Steel Gift Coffee Mug.

So, for this project I embraced both cultures and created this homemade gift of Stainless Steel Coffee Mug that I decorated using Jumbo Leaves Stamp Set.   Leaf Background Stamp Set, and the Leaf Die Cut Set . Stay tuned as I share the Pumpkin Latte Recipe and the Pumpkin Butter Recipe with you on Sunday, September 21st with you. Make sure to come back.

How Have You Embraced More Than One Culture In Your Home?  Leave Me a Comment and Tell Me.


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Prize Alert! 

Enter for a Chance to Win a Prize Pack!  Be sure to stop by and comment on each of the Design Team Blogs for a chance to win 1 of 6 prize packs from both companies! You have until Sunday, September, 21st to enter. The winners will be announced on both company blogs the following week.  You must leave a comment on all blogs.

Be Sure to Visit Each of the Designers on This Blog Hop!

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Graciela Chavez
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stampendous pack

Stampendous and Add a Little Dazzle Blog Hop Special!

During this week’s blog hop, we are offering a special pack of Add a Little Dazzle Craft Metal Sheets.  This pack includes metal sheet colors that the Dazzling Diva Design Team will be using in their projects throughout the week. In addition, you will receive one pack of 25 pillow boxes in either large gift size or party favor size.  

Order your Stampendous Blog Hop Pack today and receive EXCLUSIVE PDF TUTORIALS using Stampendous Products and Add a Little Dazzle Craft Metal Sheets. This offer is ONLY available this week.  Order your Stampendous Blog Hop Pack today!

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  1. I grew up south of Miami, Homestead, and always love Cuban coffee and cuisine. In fact, I take my kids to Miami for a tour and tastings. Love your cute coffee cup!

  2. What a great project idea for that coffee lover. Super special!

  3. You’re making a Pumpkin Butter Latte and not inviting me over! 🙁 Ha. That sounds absolutely delectable!!! Love the leaves on the coffee mug!!
    <3 J

    jwoolbright at gmail dot com

  4. I am having so much fun seeing all the fabulous, creative ideas on this blog hop! Thanks for sharing your talent!

    Carol B

  5. What a delightful way to sip a new favorite coffee. Beautiful mug! Thank you for sharing your traditions with us this week.

  6. My daughter in law loves pumpkin and often gets the pumpkin flavors at coffee shops. I would love to try Cuban coffee sometime, never have. Love the look of this coffee mug, the leaves are so “fallish” I love fall colors, and I’m having fun using some of the metals I bought years ago and I am experimenting!!

  7. What a lovely story and TFS a bit about your culture Monica! I absolutely am gaga over your thermos design. It takes coffee carriers to the next level! This would make a lovely and unique gift for the holidays too!

  8. Such a great idea. Soooo love the colors and textures. I am going to go create.

  9. I love your coffee cup. Now I will have to get one or 2 to make for the holidays.

  10. I love this coffee mug, really dazzled me today!!! Love those big metal leaves.
    Love to read your coffee fun story:) I am a tea lover!

  11. The metals work so well with the leave stamps. Great idea to add them to the coffee mug.

  12. This is such a beautiful coffee mug. Talk about sippin’ in syle!

  13. Love your coffee cup. The colors are so awesome. I love your metal sheets. Last year I made my club ladies your pointsettias in the clear case for Christmas and they loved them. Thanks!!!

  14. Makes me want to try Cuban Coffee. Sounds yummy. The leaves are so beautiful on the coffee cup. My family is really pretty unicultural…boring huh?

  15. Thanks for sharing about your traditions. Our family is Lithuanian/American so we have both traditions that we love in our home.
    I love the mug…great gift!

  16. Your coffee mug
    is pretty with the
    leaves all over it!
    We don’t have any
    mixed culture traditions
    in our home.
    Carla from Utah

  17. What a gorgeous coffee mug. It is absolutely stunning with those metal leaves. Thanks for sharing with us.

  18. Wow, the metal leaves look awesome in the metal coffee cup. Great job. (I love coffee too but I have never had Cuban coffee.) My granddaughter is half Latina. She lived with me for several years and although she didn’t have contact with the other side of the family, I taught her some Spanish in honor of her Latina heritage. ( I am semi-fluent.)

  19. What a lovely mug and gift!

  20. Your coffee story is so funny! I grew up seeing my dad drink coffee in the morning and another cup before bed… caffeine was a foreign concept! In our home, we love Cafe du Monde with condensed milk. MMMmmmm! Love how you personalized your cup!

  21. Very nice!!! Great idea and realization!

  22. How interesting! I would have never thought of making coffee with … butter? I’ll have to Google Cuban coffee to learn about this! Love the mug!!!
    We have a north and south culture mix. Friends told us that if we had kids, they would want spaghetti with grits on top! I’ve introduced my DH to a lot of seafood dishes and I found out the difference between stuffing and dressing. Love the mug the best!

  23. A great story. it’s wonderful when different cultures can share and come together. I’m afraid I wouldn’t fit in because I don’t like coffee. I was lucky that my husband didn’t like coffee either.
    We were Winter Texans for many years and we adjusted to the Tex/Mex foods in the Rio Grande Valley when we were going down there. It was easy for my husband because he liked his food hot from spices – the hotter the better. I’m more into the milder heat. Thanks for sharing your story and the beautiful cup.

  24. Beautiful coffee/tea mug (I’m a tea drinker).

    My husband is German and we have adopted his way of having our big meal at lunchtime and sandwiches for dinner.

  25. Definitivamente yo quiero degustar el “Pumpkin Butter Latte”…Estoy nueva en está iniciativa de ver los trabajos de grandes mujeres diseñadoras…definitivamente agradezco que no me voy a perder ni un día mas de disfrutar tantas creaciones bellas e inspiradoras, acompañadas de un buen café colombiano!

    Está hermoso como siempre tu trabajo…ya quiero ver el de mañana! Muchos éxitos y gracias por comparti!

  26. Your travel mug is just so gorgeous. I live in St. Louis and we celebrate many different cultures here – German, Greek, Italian, Irish, Ethiopian, Mexican, French, Chinese, Vietnamese, Bosnian, Japanese the list goes on. We have many wonderful ethnic restaurants as well as various festivals throughout the year.

  27. What a neat way to individualize a mug

  28. Anyone would be thrilled to receive this as a gift.

  29. Our family decided a couple years ago to go non-tradition every year. Each year we pick a differnent ethnicity to try. Last year was Greek. Is very fun trying new stuff.

  30. We do not celebrate any mixed nationality traditions in our home. Although we do have some traditions that we have carried over from our grandparents. For instance, at Christmas, everyone gets a nice juicy orange in their stockings and my Meme’s tourtiere meat stuffing. That is Heaven in a pan! My mouth is watering just thinking about it!!! Hmmmm. Maybe I need a little bit of holiday comfort to help me make it through this rough patch I seem to have landed on. I have been to the hospital every night this week trying to get a raging infection under control to no avail so far. I have to see an oncologist tomorrow so I think some meat stuffing is in order for tonight!!!
    Thanks for making me think about this today.. It is just what the doctor would order! LOL
    LOVE your coffee mug and one day I will try Cuban coffee. It is on my bucket list because I LOVE coffee! TFS!

  31. Yet another use for metalic leaves- I liked the backgroun leaf stamp with it. Perfect for fall coffee!

  32. Monica, what a wonderful gift! Such a creative and clever idea…love it!


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