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Posted by on Dec 15, 2013 in Tools and Tips | 0 comments

It’s Frozen….

It’s Frozen.  That was the subject of an email I received yesterday. Nope, it wasn’t a review of the new Disney movie. Honestly, I was in complete shock as this has never been an email I have received, BUT I guess there is always a first.  After some investigation, I found an answer to solve this dilemma. Join me today and found out what froze and how to solve the problem. frozen

What’s Frozen?

By now you are wondering what froze.  First let me tell you what happened as this is not a typical situation. Yesterday, I received an interesting email from a customer.  First, she informed me that everything arrived in great condition and was very happy with her product.  Only one issue! She didn’t know her order had arrived and it sat in her mailbox overnight.

Honestly, not a big problem.  That is unless you live in a state where it is below freezing temperatures at night.  Well, as you can imagine when she found her package the Embossing Paste and Backing Paste she ordered were ROCK SOLID.

This was a first for me and so I did some research to see if these items were ruined or if they could be salvaged.  Here were my findings:

  • It can freeze and thaw 3 to 4 times, without affecting the quality of the paste
  • Let it come to room temp
  • DO NOT heat it to thaw it


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