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Posted by on Aug 24, 2013 in 3D Projects | 0 comments

Inexpensive Christmas Gifts That Are Dripless

Are You Looking to Make Inexpensive Christmas Gifts That Are Dripless?  Whether you are looking for an inexpensive gift for your best friend, colleague, family, or hostess gift we have the perfect gift idea for any time of year that will help you stay on budget. Did you know that 76%  of people who purchase this particular item view it as an appropriate gift for the holidays, 74% as a house warming gift, 66% as a hostess/dinner party gift, 61% as a thank you gift,  and 58% as an adult birthday gifts?

Inexpensive Christmas Gifts That Are DriplessDid you know that the #1 gift given during the holidays are candles? Every store has all kinds of candle, but the #1 problem is that the wax will eventually drip down the side of the candles damaging anything you decorate it with.  

On a regular basis, I receive emails from people asking me how can they alter candles using Add a Little Dazzle Craft Metal Sheets without damaging the metal wrap.  Originally, my recommendation was to purchase candles with a well as that helps in the candle wax not dripping  down the sides.  The only issue is that eventually the walls of the candle will melt and now we face another issue.  After much research, I finally found the perfect solution.  This amazing candle will allow you to create beautiful, inexpensive Christmas Gifts for everybody on your list without worrying about your masterpiece being damaged.

 Important Tips to Follow

You can decorate beautiful candles for all your gift giving needs this year. Whether you want to stamp it, alter it, or wrap it with Add a Little Dazzle Colored Foil Sheets, you can do it all with these dripless candles.  There is no limit to the number of inexpensive Christmas Gifts you can create this year.   There are a just few things you need to keep in mind, but if you follow these tips you are sure to have great results with these candles.

1. Keep away from drafts which might blow the flame sideways

2.  Place the pillar candle on a plate or pillar holder that is on a flat surface. Make sure to keep the candles straight. 

3.  Trim the wick to 1/4″ before lighting.  This will help the candles not smoke.  

 How Are Candles Dripless?

Watch today’s video and learn how candles can be dripless, where to purchase them, and decorate them with Add a Little Dazzle Colored Foil Sheets.

Create Inexpensive Christmas Gifts with Add a Little Dazzle Colored Foil Metal Sheets!



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