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Posted by on Apr 29, 2013 in Tools and Tips | 1 comment

How Do You Clean Rubber Stamps?

How Do You Clean Rubber Stamps?  When I first started stamping, I didn’t know much about products besides rubber stamps, inks, and card stock. Whenever I needed to clean a stamp, I just ran it under water and pat it dry.  As I became a more experienced stamper, I found out there was more to the maintenance of my stamps. Today, I would like to share this exciting discovery and teach you how to use these products.

How Do You Clean Rubber Stamps?

Have you ever wondered what is the correct way to clean rubber stamps?  When I first started stamping I just ran my inked up stamps under water while making a BIG MESS.  The ink would just drip off staining the wood and my hands.  Honestly, I hated it.  Then, I discovered the Stampin’ Scrub and Stampin’ Mist.  These amazing products made it easy to clean ink from my stamps while conditioning them and not damaging the wood.  Join me as I share all the details about these two products and teach you how to clean rubber stamps using them.

Stampin’ Scrub

  • Holds 2 removable, washable nylon-fiber scrubbing pads that measure approximately 7″ x 7″
  • Large enough to clean background stamps
  • Nonslip rubber gripping feet to help keep it from moving when cleaning rubber stamps
  •  Two symbols are embossed on the inside of the trays.  A water drop image indicates the wet tray; the sun image indicates the dry tray.
    How Do You Clean Rubber Stamps?

Stampin’ Mist

  • Cleans all types of ink from rubber 
  • Conditions rubber stamps
  •  Comes in non-aerosol spray bottle
  • 2 fl. oz. of Stampin’ Mist 
  • 8 fl. oz. refill available

How To Clean Rubber Stamps

  1. Lightly spray the side with the waterdrop with  Stampin’ Mist; do not oversaturate
  2. Scrub your stamp on the damp pad side and then rub it on the dry pad (side with the sun) to remove any leftover ink and moisture


How to Care for Removable Pads

  • Remove pads, run under water, and allow to air dry
  • Clean pads regularly to avoid mixing ink colors
  • Use a paper towel or a dry cloth to soak up water after rinsing
  • Do not place in dishwasher


How Do You Clean Rubber Stamps?

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1 Comment

  1. I used to use slightly soapy water on a paper towel on a Styrofoam plate to clean my stamps. When I started buying stamps my demonstrator told me the importance of cleaning and conditioning my stamps so I use the Stampin’ Mist and the Stampin’ Scrub.

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