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Posted by on Nov 25, 2013 in Updates | 0 comments

Black Friday: 5 Reasons to Stay Home

Black Friday: 5 Reasons to Stay Home.  The day after Thanksgiving is one of the busiest shopping days of the year. Traditionally, this is the beginning of the Christmas shopping season.  People stand in lines for hours and stand in freezing temperatures to get special discounts.  Join me today and find out 5 Reasons to Stay Home on Black Friday.

Black Friday: 5 Reasons to Stay Home

1. Burning Your Savings.  Have you ever thought about what it costs for you to drive all over chasing deals on Black Friday?   Right now the average price of gas is $3.50 a gallon.  So imagine you drive around town and burn through 6 gallons of gas at $3.50 a gallon on Black Friday.  You have now spent around $20 in gas.  If you save $20 on that special gift, but spent $20 worth of gas to find it you really didn’t save money. You broke even.  Stay home and save gas which equals saving money!

2. Eating Up Your Savings.  Going out to a middle of the road restaurant with two kids costs about $50 a shot.  Meals for adults run between $10-$12 each, $6 for kids, plus drinks, taxes, and tips. Keep in mind this doesn’t count the drinks and snacks you pick up along the way while running from store to store.  If you add it up, you can easily spend up to $100 eating out on Black Friday.  If your savings is $100 but you spend $100 eating out and $20 on gas you are already $20 in the hole.

3. Your Time Is Worth More.  You found an ad that has the tablet for $79.99, but is it worth waiting 4 hours in line for it?  If you paid yourself minimum wage, $7.25 an hour, for the time you spent in line that tablet really ended up costing you $108.99.   Oh, make sure to keep in mind the gas you just spent and the food you have to buy. Not such a great deal now, huh?

4. Limited Stock on Best Deals. Did you read the fine print? If you read carefully, you will notice that those awesome deals have extremely limited stock. For example, you may be going after that amazing deal on that flat screen tv you have been wanting. What you don’t know is that most stores have a limited supply of them at the discounted price (normally 3-4).  Then the price goes up to normal. The problem is that you had your mind so set on buying that flat screen tv that you go ahead and pay full price, spend money on gas, spend money on food, and a huge amount of time in line and go back home with NO SAVINGS AT ALL.

5. Save Money Shopping Online.
Save money on gas, food, and time!  When you shop online, the world and all of its deals are at your fingertips.  Furthermore, dressing up is optional and you don’t have to fight the crowds and you are TRULY SAVING MONEY because you aren’t spending it on gas, food, and time! Remember, there is also CYBER MONDAY and that day is usually full of GREAT SALES, too.

Black Friday: 5 Reasons to Stay Home

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